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David Brown

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M-theory with Wolfram's automaton implies increases in the Sachs-Wolfe effects.

Is the Sachs-Wolfe effect based upon the hidden assumption that dark matter consists of dark matter particles? Milgrom has demonstrated that Milgrom’s Law of acceleration is empirically valid. Milgrom’s Law of acceleration violates Einstein’s equivalence principle even for mass-energy at non-relativistic velocities. Therefore, both Newton’s law for gravitational acceleration and Einstein’s equivalence principle need to be modified. Note that Milgrom’s Law is not a theoretical argument — it is a fact of observational cosmology. Gravitational theorists have ignored Milgrom’s findings merely because his findings violate their paradigm of gravitation.
I have shown how modified M-theory with Wolfram’s automaton implies an approximation to Milgrom’s Law of acceleration. I conjecture that Milgrom’s efforts at modifications of Newtonian dynamics shall fail because his efforts violate what I call Witten’s cosmological principle. I point to space roar as confirmation of my four cosmological principles. I say that space roar is the physical manifestation of the Wolframian updating parameter.
The Sachs-Wolfe effect causes photons from the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation to be gravitationally redshifted. The Sachs-Wolfe effect causes the CMB spectrum to be distorted by small variations.
Does the Sachs-Wolfe effect correctly incorporate all the consequences of the existence of dark matter? According to modified M-theory with Wolfram’s automaton, the -1/2 in Einstein’s field equations needs to be replaced by -1/2 + FF/2, where F ~ sqrt(60/4) * 10**-5 according to the Pioneer anomaly data. All gravitational redshifting of magnitude grav-red needs to be replaced by (1 + FF) * grav-red because of Fredkin dark matter forces from alternate universes. According to modified M-theory with Wolfram’s automaton, dark matter is virtual mass-energy with zero inertial mass-energy and positive gravitational mass energy; therefore, dark matter is entirely due to weird forces from alternate universes, and gravitational redshifts are uniformly increased over the predictions of Einstein’s general relativity theory with FF = 0.
This means that the ordinary Sachs-Wolfe effect formula (∆T)/T = (phi)/(3 * c**2) needs to be replaced by (∆T)/T = (1 + FF) * (phi)/(3 * c**2), and likewise for the integrated, early-time integrated, and late-time integrated Sachs-Wolfe effects. What are the implications of such increases in the Sachs-Wolfe effects?
“Results from Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) appear to run counter to Copernican expectations. The motion of the solar system, and the orientation of the plane of the ecliptic are aligned with features of the microwave sky, which on conventional thinking are caused by structure at the edge of the observable universe.” — from “Copernican principle” in wikipedia
(The plane of the ecliptic means the plane of the Earth’s mean orbit around the Sun; the plane of the ecliptic has that name because an eclipse of the Sun as viewed from Earth can occur only when the moon is in the ecliptic plane.)
A key feature of cosmic microwave background (CMB) analysis is the Sachs-Wolfe effect. I suggest that the M-theoretical, Wolframian increases in the Sachs-Wolfe effects explain part, or all, of the unexplained correlations discovered in WMAP
I have provided three empirical confirmations of modified M-theory with Wolfram’s automaton — namely, the space roar, the Pioneer anomaly, and Milgrom’s Law. I now suggest that the ecliptic alignment with the CMB is likely to be an additional confirmation of modified M-theory with Wolfram’s automaton.
Why is M-theory with Wolfram’s automaton the correct theory of nature? Graviton mathematics endorses M-theory, while space roar endorses Wolfram’s automaton — all competing theories then exit into the dustbin of phlogiston.
What is the precise range for FF? According to my theory using the Pioneer anomaly data, FF is closely approximated by sqrt(60 ± 10) * sqrt(10**-10) based upon the frequency drift of 6 * 10**-10 hertz/sec representing the anomalous Pioneer acceleration toward the Sun. We have sqrt(60/4) = 3.87298, sqrt(70/4) =4.183, and sqrt(50/4) = 3.5355 so that FF/2 has the value (3.85 ± .4) * 10**-5 according to the Pioneer anomaly data.
http://www.livingreviews.org/lrr-2010-4 review of Pioneer anomaly

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