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David Brown

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Does M-theory with Wolfram's automaton explain the Pioneer anomaly?

If M-theory with the Nambu transfer machine is a valid theory, then does it explain the Pioneer anomaly?
YES, INDEED! — or my theory is completely wrong.
When all known forces acting on the each of the two Pioneer spacecraft are taken into consideration, a very small but unexplained force remains. It appears to cause a constant sunward acceleration of (8.74±1.33) * 10**(-10) m/sec**2, for both spacecraft. If the positions of the spacecraft are predicted one year in advance based on measured velocity and known forces (mostly gravity), they are actually found to be some 400 kilometers closer to the sun at the end of the year.
According to Turyshev & Toth, “Radio-metric Doppler tracking data received from the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft from heliocentric distances of 20 – 70 AU has consistently indicated the presence of a small anomalous blue-shifted frequency drift uniformly changing with a rate of ~ 6 * 10**(-9) Hz/sec (or cycles/sec**2). Various distributions of dark matter in the solar system have been proposed to explain the anomaly … However, it would have to be a special smooth distribution of dark matter that is not gravitationally modulated as normal matter so obviously is. …
Ultimately, the search for the Pioneer anomaly came down to one question: “Is it the heat or not the heat?””
Slava G. Turyshev & Viktor T. Toth, ''The Pioneer Anomaly'', ''Living Rev. Relativity'' 13, 2010, 4
IT’S UNEXPECTED HEAT LOSS DUE TO EXCESS FREDKIN RED SHIFT! — or my theory is completely wrong.
I have suggested that the -1/2 in Einstein’s field equations needs to be replaced by -1/2 + FF/2. Note that, in my theory, the distribution of dark matter is very smooth, because so-called dark matter is really a necessary adjustment to Einstein’s field equations. I have suggested a theory based upon 4 cosmological principles that I assigned the names of Witten, Wolfram, Fredkin, and Einstein. The Wolfram and Fredkin principles are extremely controversial. In particular, I suggest that Newton’s force law should be replaced by:
Non-gravitational force = mass times acceleration.
Gravitational force = (mass times Newtonian gravitational acceleration) plus (mass times acceleration due to Fredkin dark matter force that INCREASES GRAVITATIONAL RED SHIFT BEYOND EINSTEIN’S RED SHIFT PREDICTION by a very small consistent increase).
According to Einstein’s “The meaning of relativity”, pages 91-92, there is a gravitational redshift precisely calculable in terms of general relativity theory. If receivingstation-redshift(∆) is defined to be the redshifted gravitational first time-derivative predicted by Einstein at distance ∆ from the sun precisely at the site of the receiving station for the Doppler tracking data, then:
FF * (∫ receivingstation-redshift(∆) d∆) / (2 epsilon AU) represents the Fredkin excess redshift for the Pioneer Doppler tracking data, where the integration is carried out for ∆ from 1 minus epsilon to 1 plus epsilon astronomical units. (Almost all of the gravitational red shift for the Pioneer incoming signal occurs near the receiving station. According to my theory, not only does this particular signal have an unexpectedly large gravitational redshift but so do all photons everywhere in our universe.)
THEREFORE, FF * (∫ receivingstation-redshift(∆) d∆) / (2 epsilon AU) must equal roughly sqrt(60) * 10**(-5) hertz if my theory has any hope of being correct. This value of FF must explain all the dark matter in our observable universe, or else my theory is completely wrong,
According to my analysis, my theory fails without M-theory because there would be no Nambu transfer machine. Conversely, M-theory would fail without the Nambu transfer machine, because space roar rules out a curling-up mechanism for M-theory.
M-theorists, at this stage, do not agree with me. If empirical evidence proves my theory is correct, then M-theorists shall rush to embrace it. If empirical evidence proves my theory is incorrect, then I believe that M-theory would then have to be drastically revised but that M-theorists would stubbornly cling to what they have now.
If the cosmological constant has a value of roughly (10**-4) ((eV)**4) and we adopt for dark matter the value sqrt(60/4) * 10**-5 ((eV)**4), then sqrt(60/4) * 10**-5 * (72.8/22.7) ~ 10**-4 to a crude approximation.
What is my bizarre theory all about?
Hypothesis 1. Some form of M-theory is necessary because quantum field theory cannot predict gravitons.
Hypothesis 2. Space roar is the manifestation of the Wolframian updating parameter. Space roar is the proof that the Wolframian automaton with the Fredkin delivery machine and with the Nambu transfer machine is nature’s way of implementing M-theory.
Hypothesis 3. Dark matter is virtual mass-energy with zero inertial mass-energy and positive gravitational mass-energy. Dark energy is virtual mass-energy mass with zero inertial mass-energy and negative gravitational mass-energy. Real mass-energy is virtual mass-energy that is explicitly or implicitly measured by the Wolframian automaton. Einstein’s equivalence principle is totally correct for real energy BUT FAILS BADLY FOR VIRTUAL MASS-ENERGY.
Hypothesis 4. M-theory is the smoothing of the Nambu transfer machine. In order to define the Nambu transfer machine, M-theorists need X, where X is to M-theory as Kepler’s laws are to Newtonian mechanics. Precise information about the GZK paradox is what is needed.
Does this make sense to M-theorists? (Other theoretical physicists are not of much help because they don’t know M-theoretical mathematics.) Hugh Everett’s many worlds theory is important pioneering work but can’t make new predictions. However, I say that M-theorists need my theory because it is the unique valid physical interpretation of M-theory.
Note added 12-30-2010: I noticed that Prof. Antonio F. Rañada has partially anticipated the content of this posting in his Jan. 2005 paper entitled “The Pioneer anomaly as acceleration of the clocks”. He says that the frequency of photons increases uniformly and adiabatically because of the expansion of the universe and his phenomenological theory; whereas, I say that the frequency of the photons increases uniformly and adiabatically because of my physical interpretation of M-theory with Wolfram’s automaton.
http://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/0410084 “The Pioneer anomaly as acceleration of the clocks”

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