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David Brown

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Fredkin-Wolfram multiverse information process

Prediction: By the year 2019 C.E., research on ultra-high-energy cosmic rays shall prove that the multiverse is a Fredkin-Wolfram information process that computes strings.
What is the most important question that anyone can ask about string theory? What are the puzzling empirical facts that require string theory for their explanation? Should string theory explain dark energy, dark matter, Guth’s inflation, and something else? If general relativity’s model of the event horizon is not entirely correct, then are incredibly energetic photons likely to be scattered randomly throughout galaxies?
Consider 4 speculative ideas.
At a small enough scale, there is a Fredkin-Wolfram conglomerate with a Wolfram updating parameter and a set of mathematical axioms. This system is the Fredkin-Wolfram information process for the multiverse.
The event horizon as described by general relativity is incorrect – instead there is an ultra-weird digitization of the event horizon. This digitization causes an ultra-weird turbulence that predicts the existence of ultra-high-energy photons that prove the existence of the Fredkin-Wolfram information process for the multiverse.
Sufficiently near to black holes, both energy and spacetime break down and mix together into a Fredkin-Wolfram conglomerate. The Wolfram updating parameter involves an alternate universe decomposition that controls how alternate universes change relative to each other in string dynamics.
The Fredkin-Wolfram information process governs string dynamics by gradually building up energy, space, and time from the ultimate mathematical determinism. Alternate universes and abstract mathematical determinism underlie apparent randomness and quantum weirdness.

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