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Wilmot McCutchen

Orinda, California

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Accretion Disk Swirl

Active galaxies (e.g. quasars) comprise axial jets and an accretion disk, in which captured matter is spiraling into a black hole due to gravity, like water down a drain. That’s what I understand to be the orthodox view among astronomers, one of whom I am not which.

It seems to me that the spiral arms of an active galaxy might themselves swirl, such that a fractal array of radial tornadoes permeates the accretion disk like vortex trees. It would be hard to detect such a swirling flow because the objects are so distant and the large scale vortices would be obscured by the fine scale vortices in the outer layers of the accretion disk.

With such swirl within swirl, flow toward the center of the accretion disk could be along the radial vortex cores. Radially inward flow might be caused by the axial jets converting matter to radiation and ejecting mass/energy out of the system, thereby creating a vacuum at the center. The radial vortices would be stretched, and therefore accelerated, by the pull of the center and also by the push of the radially outward swirling flow from the explosive conversion of mass to energy at the center driving some matter out as some is converted. Centrifugal flow expands and cools and coheres by gravity. Matter swirls around the radial vortices and eventually is pulled into their cores at the periphery of the accretion disk due to the suction of the center. So the swirling flow is recursive. Flow through this closed loop would be driven by the energy/mass at the center pushing out, rather than by some infinitely massive black hole sucking in.

Although of course I know that it is presumptuous for one who is not a credentialed expert to offer a conjecture, unsupported by any evidence or expert opinion, which contradicts the orthodox view, I post this in the hope that maybe there is a way to simulate such a recursive swirling flow by means of cellular automata.

Please note that this is an open system, unlike the von Karman swirling flow studies using counter-rotating disks capping a closed cylinder, which consider only a closed system (no mass flow in or out). The Navier-Stokes equations are useless in 3 dimensions (a million dollars from the Clay Mathematics Institute awaits anyone who can prove or disprove that statement), so a new kind of science must be applied.

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