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Geoff Haselhurst
Metaphysics of Space and Motion - Wave Structure of Matter
Western Australia

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On Philosophy Physics Metaphysics Unity of Reality

Hi everyone,
Thought you might find this page on metaphysics interesting.

(Aristotle, Metaphysics, 340 BC) 'The first philosophy (Metaphysics) is universal and is exclusively concerned with primary substance. ... And here we will have the science to study that which is just as that which is, both in its essence and in the properties which, just as a thing that is, it has. ... There must then be a principle of such a kind that its substance is activity. ... that among entities there must be some cause which moves and combines things. ... about its coming into being and its doings and about all its alterations we think that we have knowledge when we know the source of its movement. ... it is impossible that the primary existent, being eternal, should be destroyed.'

What is Metaphysics: Explaining Famous Philosopher's Definitions of Metaphysics / Metaphysical Principles of Reality - Quotes by philosophers Aristotle, Gottfried Leibniz, David Hume, Immanuel Kant and Albert Einstein on Metaphysics. On the dynamic unity of reality and the metaphysical principles of Space and (wave) Motion (rather than 'Space and Time') as the most simple foundation for the sciences. From particles and fields (matter / energy) in space time to waves in space. Explaining matter's interconnected motion and activity (time) by uniting Space, time, matter and motion. One substance, Space, exists with the properties of a wave medium, matter is formed from spherical standing wave motions of Space.

These are the main subjects that I write on (I find the evolution of human knowledge and the subjects of Truth and Reality fascinating!)
Metaphysics - Space - Motion - 'Time' - 'Particles' - Aristotle - Leibniz - Hume - Kant - One & Many
Physics - Einstein Relativity - Quantum Theory - Cosmology
Philosophy - Art - Education - Theology - Pantheism - Buddhism - Hinduism - Atheism - Darwinian Evolution - Famous Quotes - Pictures Famous Philosophers - IQ Tests
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Wave-Structure-Matter/ (Discussion Group)
Email: Geoff Haselhurst - Biography - Bibliography

(George Berkeley, 1710) 'Nothing seems of more importance, towards erecting a firm system of sound and real knowledge, which may be proof against the assaults of scepticism, than to lay the beginning in a distinct explication of what is meant by thing, reality, existence: for in vain shall we dispute concerning the real existence of things, or pretend to any knowledge thereof, so long as we have not fixed the meaning of those words.'

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